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Nexgard Flea Tick Chewable For Dogs

Nexgard is a beef flavored chewable tablet that kills fleas and ticks found on dogs. This new formulation created a revolution by being the first chewable tablets that kills both fleas and ticks. A monthly treatment, it starts killing fleas within 8 hours and destroys 100% adult fleas within 24 hours and ticks within 48 hours of administration. Its continuous activity for four weeks keeps killing adult fleas before they lay eggs and thus prevents future infestations.

How does it work?

NexGard contains Afoxolaner as the active ingredient. This never used before ingredient kills fleas and ticks by over-stimulating their nervous system. The ingredient mixes with the pet’s blood stream in 8 hours. When fleas or ticks bite the treated pet’s skin they consume this deadly killer and die due to hyper-excitation of nervous system. The ingredient remains active throughout the month and keeps destroying new fleas and ticks found on the pet’s body.

This new age treatment breaks the flea life cycle by killing fleas before egg production. This way, it reduces flea population by eliminating existing fleas as well as reducing egg production. It is highly effective in killing and controlling American dog ticks, deer ticks and lone star ticks.

Gabriel Miller
Perfect Solution

I felt helpless in choosing a treatment that would help my dog fight against the flea and tick infestation. One of my colleagues suggested using Nexgard Chewables. Ever since I started using Nexgard, Bruno has never faced any parasitic infestation. Thank you Nexgard!

doug cowan
nexguard flea tick chewable

did the job fast


My dog had ticks with other products. Ever since we changed to NexGard, he has not had a single tick!

Amazing Product

I could not ever find anything to keep the fleas off my 3 dogs. No matter what i did, they would still be covered. I ordered this product and i was amazed at the results. I have seen no fleas on my dogs ever since. I highly recommend. My dogs that were suffering from flea allergies and losing all their hair have even grown all there hair back. It makes me a happy doggie mommy! Thank you nexgard!

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