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Nuheart - Generic Heartgard Plus Buy Now

Nuheart for Dogs – Generic Heartgard Plus

Nuheart is the most popular heartworm prevention product for dogs. This generic Heartgard Plus controls heartworm infestation and protects dogs from dangerous heartworm disease. The monthly treatment is effective in preventing heartworms and maintaining your dog’s health. The meat-flavored tablet is liked by dogs and makes administration easy. The generic heartworm preventive is highly economical without any possible side effects. Safe for puppies 6 weeks of age and above, Nuheart is suitable to treat pregnant or breeding bitches and stud dogs.

How does it work?

Nuheart contains the same ingredient – Ivermectin - as Heartgard Plus. This active ingredient is highly effective in eliminating the immature form of heartworms. It stops immature stages of heartworms to develop. Nuheart has a unique three way delivery system. It comes in a small size that ensures easing dosing. The sweet flavor tablet is liked by dogs and for the fussiest ones - mix it in the pet’s food for easy dosage.

reliable treatment

I have been using this treatment for years and I love that I’m getting heartworm preventative at such affordable price!

Excellent product

Even though many people told me not to switch from Heartgard to Nuheart, I stuck to my decision and now I'm glad that I didn't listen to anyone else. This product is cheaper with the same effectiveness. It's certainly a better product.

Better alternative

I really like this treatment as it’s very cost effective and works the same as Heartgard.

Very good product

I have been using this product going on two years now and each time I take my pets to the Veterinarian is always trying to sell the his expensive Heartguard. I told him I was using this brand and he did not say anything else. Its the price factor they don't want you to figure out. I am very pleased with this product and my Daschunds get a good bill of health once a year when I have the test done on them. I will continue to use this brand and CVE.

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