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Bayopet Tick and Flea Collar for Small Dogs

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Bayopet Tick and Flea Collar for Dogs

Bayopet Collar has been designed to control ticks and fleas on dogs. It is very easy to administer and is quite effective in killing ticks and fleas. It starts working within a day of buckling and kills ticks and fleas. This collar prevents tick infestations for 10 full weeks and 4 months for fleas.

This easy to use collar is highly safe for dogs since it contains an exclusive safety section molded in the collar which aids in breaking off the collar if a dog gets accidentally caught by the collar. Thus, it prevents dogs from choking. It does not cause any skin irritation in dogs. It is made up of plastic resin which makes it highly safe for dogs without any apparent side effects.

How does it work?

Propoxur is the active ingredient present in this dog collar. It is an ectoparasiticide that aids in killing prevailing ticks and fleas. Due to its long-lasting effects, dogs are protected from future infestations of fleas and ticks. Thus, this collar provides long-term protection to dogs from ticks and fleas.

Key Benefits
  • Aids in preventing ticks and tick borne diseases in dogs
  • Commences working within a day of administration
  • Controls fleas and flea infestation
  • Controls fleas for a maximum of four months
  • Exclusively developed to break under stress
  • Protects dogs from ticks for a maximum of ten weeks
  • Buckle the collar around the dog's neck by sliding the end through the clasp.
  • Ensure that the collar is not too tight around the neck of the dog.
  • If there is any excess amount of the collar in length cut it off and dispose properly.
  • The collar needs to be buckled loosely so that there is no irritation to the dog.
  • There is a safety section molded in the collar just in case the dog is accidentally caught by the collar. It will break as soon as it is stretched excessively thus preventing the dog from choking.
  • After applying the collar wash your hands properly with soap and water.
  • Children and other pets should not be allowed to get in close proximity of the product.
  • Children should not be allowed to play with the collar.
  • Keep the collar in a cool and dry place.
  • Never eat, drink or smoke while or after fitting the collar.
  • The collar needs to be kept away from food and drink.
  • The seal of the pack should not be opened until the collar needs to be buckled on the neck of the dog.
More Info
Target species Dogs
Mode of Administration Topical
Ingredient Propoxur
Manufacturer Bayer
Brand Name Bayopet

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Bayopet collar works better than most other flea and tick collar for my dog
May 20, 2023


Long-lasting protection against flea and tick infections.
Apr 13, 2023

Valuable product

Using this product since last 5 months and it is very helpful, keeps the fleas and ticks away.
Mar 09, 2023

Easy Peasy

Easy to fit and has no side effects as well. Works Well!
Oct 10, 2022

Safe and Reliable

No side effects and effective for quite a long time.
Jul 08, 2022

Have A Question?

how long is this collar? what is maximum neck size of dog that fits?
The collar has an adjustable non-slip clasp and comes in 2 sizes (Small and Medium to Large) to fit different-sized dogs.
| Apr 03, 2023
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Bayopet Tick and Flea Collar for Dogs

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