Facts to Know About Cats Sleeping Habits


Whether an adult or a kid, sleeping is always a bliss. Generally, we humans require a maximum of 7 to 9 hours of sleep, but only the pet parents will know that cats have the privilege to sleep a maximum of 16 hours a day….Wish we could be cats!  Therefore, if you are a pet parent, have you ever seen noticed your kitty while she’s sleeping and wondered why do cats sleep so much? Well, cats sleep a lot and a lot because it’s their favorite activity. However, the question remains that why do cats sleep a lot and what makes them do that. So, let’s unfold the facts about cats sleeping habits.


Sleeping Is in the Cat’s Genes

Cats are natural predators, but their sleeping pattern is the result of their revolution. In the wild, cats are hard-wired to chase and hunt, which requires an immense amount of energy. Though cats have been domesticated, we can still see that sleeping is in their genes. Moreover, sleeping helps your cat to conserve energy to get back into action to play.


Cats Mostly Sleep During The Day

The time when we humans are hustling to get through the ebb and flow of the day, cats are curled up in their bed and sleeping. It’s the wildcat ancestors that used to sleep the entire day so that they could hunt all night. Cats naturally sleep throughout the day and are most active between dusk and dawn. However, unlike humans who always crib about not having enough time to spend, cats will adjust their sleeping schedules so that they’re awake to play when you’re home.


Some Cats Snore While Asleep

I know someone snoring beside you can be annoying when you want to sleep, but even cats do snore and thank god they sleep more during day time. Some cat breeds are prone to snoring than others. It’s quite natural to see your cat snoring as it indicates that your kitty is relaxed. But it can need attention when you notice other signs of respiratory distress.


Cats Are Alert When They’re Asleep

No one can even try to mess with the cat even while she’s sleeping because cats stay alert while they are asleep. If you have ever tried to touch your cat or pet her while she’s sleeping, you can see how she instantly comes into action with complete alertness. So, cats are patterned in a way that they can get all the rest they want and still stay alert.


Weather Affects Your Cat’s Sleeping Habits

The changing weather affects all, and so it does to our cats. Whether indoor or outdoor, cats’ sleep patterns can be affected by weather conditions. Cats are prone to sleep more when the forecast calls for rain. However, if you find your cat sleeping less than usual or sleeping more than usual, then immediately ensure to contact your vet.

Along with all these interesting facts, one more fact says that cats also dream. According to a study, cats actually dream about 30 to 40% time when they’re sleeping. Well, no matter how much your cat stays asleep, the best thing about them is that they ensure to make the most of their time.