10 Things To Buy For Your PURRFECT Kitty This GLOBAL CAT DAY

10 things to buy for your cat

Global Cat Day is celebrated to ensure the safety and comfortable living of all cats including the outdoor or stray cats. On this day, people around the world, come together to stand up for policies, that protect the cats in their communities. Cats especially who stay outdoors require a stronger shield against all the things that may harm them. So, let’s take a small step to help these stray cats lead their lives in safe environment.

Pledge this Global Cat Day to stand for the safety and total well-being of feral or wild cats. Not only confined to stray cats, protection of your cat against harmful things at home is also vital. Therefore, to ensure their optimal health, check these pet essentials that are inevitable for the overall wellbeing.

  • Dental Kit

Cats at an early age of 3 years face dental issues ranging from bad breath, tartar, loose teeth or infectious gums. Starting a regime of brushing at an early age along with efficient dental hygiene can help in keeping your kitty’s teeth shiny and strong. Finger toothbrush, Pet Dent toothpaste, oral rinse and the oral gel is a must for your cat’s daily cleaning. Gift her dental kit this Global Cat Day and take pride in her pearly smile the whole year round.

  • Toys

Cats are lovesome and like to play around. To add zest to their frolics, buy some interactive toys. Your cat would enjoy having its own toy to play around the whole day.

  • Flea And Tick Treatment

Global Cat Day also means to ensure the safety and optimal health of your pet. Highly vulnerable to flea and tick parasites, cats face severe infestations when not treated regularly. Therefore, stock your pet pantry with flea and tick treatments this Global Cat day to ensure total protection of your cat against harmful flea and tick-borne diseases.

  • Joint Care Supplements

Cats, as they age, face joint related disorders like mobility issues, joint inflammation, and pain. Keeping them on joint supplements from an early age aids in preventing joint related issues. This Global Cat Day, ensure the mobility of your cat by adding joint care supplements along with the daily diet.

  • Chews

Musing around and chewing on different things in the house is what your kitty loves to do always. Get some healthy chews for your cat like feline tasty chews that comes in different flavors for your cat.

  • Worming Treatments

Worms usually infest cats and take a huge toil on their life. At times, when ignored can lead to serious conditions like anemia. Worming her regularly at an interval of 3 months is highly beneficial as it helps in preventing recurring worm infections in cats.

  • Grooming Products

Though cats love to groom each other, it is essential to groom them in order to detangle and remove unwanted hair. Proper grooming assists in removing dirt, grime and, at times, even flea dirt. Grooming enhances coat and hair health adding sheen. Therefore, stock grooming products like shampoo, conditioner and brush for your furry companion.

  • Nutritional Supplements

A balanced diet supplies all the essential nutrients required for the healthy growth and development of your kitty. However, at times, pet parents’ ignorance can fail to meet up the daily supply of nutrients to their cat. In such conditions, additional nutritional supplement is essential to keep your cat healthy and happy. Ensure to provide her daily supplements to avoid the risk of deficiency diseases.

  • Stress Busters

Some cats are shy and at times highly prone to stress and anxiety due to various factors including environmental changes. Festivities, gathering, lightening, loud noises, travelling, moving house or a vet visit are some of the reasons behind their anxiety or stress. To control such issues in your cat, it is advantageous to keep Anxiety Relief solution handy in contemplation to treat your cat when she is undergoing stress or anxiety.

  • Litter box

Cats are typically fanatic about cleanliness and they do not like to use dirty litter box. By keeping those tiny bathrooms clean and odor-free, you will keep your cat happy. If you find your cat refusing to use litter box, there may be various reasons like behavioral issue, unkempt litter box, urinary issue, mobility issue and many other. Try to find the real problem behind it and treat your cat accordingly.
If you have multiple cats in your house then you need to provide separate litter box for each of your cat.

# Bonus Tip

Cat head against the wall.

If you find any cat ever holding its head against the wall then you should take that cat to a vet as soon as possible. When animals are in unbearable pain they press there forehead against a wall or a tree. It can be a sign of cancer, gum disease, kidney disease etc.

Cat Food

A combination of dry and wet food helps your kitty stay healthy, happy and active. A good diet aids in the overall health of your cat. A premium brand food delivers all the essential nutrients that your pet requires for optimal growth and development.

Well, these are the 10 essential things that you should always consider and give priority in order to keep your cat healthy and happy.

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