How To Choose An Effective Flea Control Product For Your Pet?


There is no dearth of flea and tick control products for pets in both the online and offline shopping platforms. Yet, it can’t be denied that a pet parent often finds himself in a dilemma on the question of choosing a right flea and tick control product for his pet.

To help the cause of this pet parent, we present some useful insights, which matters at the time of buying a flea preventive.

Before buying any flea control product, first ask yourself this question

Is My Pet Comfortable With Spot-On Flea Solution Or Oral Flea Treatment?

This is the basic question, which is part of every pet parent’s dilemma when it comes to choosing between topical and oral flea control products. Here, the major fact is the pet’s sensibilities towards the nature of the treatment. Felines in particular are not comfortable with oral pills. Hence, topical treatments have found a ground among many pet parents especially cat parents. Spot on flea solutions are also popular among pet parents due to its non-forcible nature of the treatment.

On the other hand, there is a significant population of pet parents, which are using oral flea preventives to get rid of fleas present on their furry pet’s skin. This is because products like Bravecto, which comes as oral flea treatment is effective in treating and preventing flea infestations in pets. The product protects a dog or a cat from flea infestation for up to 12 weeks after one single application. This feature of Bravecto for cats puts it ahead in the list of spot-on flea treatments.

As a pet parent, consider your case by exploring all the angles as discussed above. Choose the product, which fits to the purpose.

Hints For Pet Parents: What To Look For In A Flea Control Product?

  • Comes in a user-friendly application
  • Kills fleas and ticks
  • Works quickly
  • Disrupt flea life cycle
  • Causes no side effects

As a pet parent, buy a flea control product, which caters to your pet’s flea problem. For e.g., some flea preventives kill fleas only while the area you live in is infested with both fleas and ticks. Therefore, choose a product keeping this aspect in mind. At the same time, there are products, which are effective on adult fleas only thus allowing flea life cycle to continue its development process. Here, a product which is effective on both adult fleas and checks flea life cycle would be the right choice to deal with flea infestation in pets.

Frontline Plus for Dogs and k9 Advantix for dogs are some of the ideal flea treatments for dogs.

Frontline Plus and Advantage Multi for Cats are also effective flea control products for cats.

For more details, consult your vet to buy the right pack of flea control product or our team at Canada Vet Express is always there to help you out to ensure that your job of pet parenting remains hassle-free and exciting.