How To Keep Your Dog’s Skin Healthy: Dog Skin Care Tips

Dog skin Care

Many of us relate skincare with pampering. Although, skincare doesn’t mean pampering oneself with a facial mask once in a while, but it is a basic part of routine care. And so, taking good care of the skin should be a part of one’s regimen. Wait, we are not just talking about humans. Your dogs, too, need a good skincare routine.

Dogs are typically furry and that’s why we tend to forget about the skin that lies underneath. We generally focus on the brushing and grooming of the fur, but what about the skin, which is the first line of defense? Well, here in this article we will delve into the basics of skincare for dogs:


Well balanced complete nutrition is the key to good skin. Feeding a nutritionally rich diet to your dog can supply all the essential micronutrients like vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that are important to keep a dog’s skin healthy and nourishing. Moreover, a good amount of protein intake is also as much important as micronutrients. This can be obtained from fruits, vegetables, eggs, chicken, yogurt, etc. Ensure to serve your dogs meals full of these essentials.

However, if you notice that your furry friend’s skin is still dull or unhealthy despite feeding them nutritious meals, you can also try nutritional supplements like Essential 6 or other supplement products that provide essential oils and vitamins.


Grooming is an inseparable part of skincare. If your doggo loves staying outdoors in the backyard or in the swimming pool, they need to be bathed more frequently to wash off the dirt and debris. For better results, you can also check out the range of shampoos and conditioners that we offer at CanadaVetExpress. Some of our best recommendations include Frontline Pet Care Shampoos, Malaseb Shampoo, and Malacetic Conditioner.

Moreover, brushing your dog’s fur regularly is also equally important. It can not only help to remove tangles in the fur, but can also improve blood circulation, help to spread the natural oils evenly throughout the skin, and promote the flow of air underneath the fur which can help prevent infections!

Keeping the critters at bay

Critters like fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, and other parasites can cause irritations, allergies, redness, inflammation, and everything that makes skin unhealthy. Moreover, insect bites can also cause patches in the fur (fur loss), soreness, and rashes. Therefore, preventing infestations of these freeloaders should top your dog’s skincare regimen. Regularly check for the presence of these critters by parting your dog’s fur and use appropriate preventive treatments under your vet’s consultation. We at CanadaVetExpress offer a wide range of preventives for Flea and Tick control at the best prices along with free shipping on all the orders, to keep your dogs safe. You can check them out too!

For good measure, we have also listed a few tips you can follow at home to nourish and moisturize your furry friend’s skin with natural ingredients:

  • Apple Cider Vinegar and Water Spray (1:1 ratio) can help to cure dry and itchy skin in dogs.
  • Coconut oil is an excellent moisturizer. Massaging your dog with a small amount of coconut oil can be a great remedy for dry skin and insect bites.
  • Herbal tea soaks can be very useful in rejuvenation as well as relief from dry and itchy skin. Steep 3-4 herbal tea bags in the sink or tub before bathing and soak your buddy for 10 minutes.

Do not use any of the above tips if your dog has broken or opened skin

Find the below two infographic illustrations where you get all the skincare tips for dogs in the easiest way.