How To Know Whether Your Dog Has Fleas Or Not?


Pet animals like dogs and cats like to ramble. Talking about the dog, it loves to walk and chill out with a pet parent and hence to spend more time out of the home. But, it has a hazard of external parasites like fleas. You can never predict when it comes to your dog body and harms your dog very badly. It is better you try to keep some bad things happening before than it is to fix the bad thing once it has happened and so dog parent needs to know your dog has an attack of fleas or not.


3 Foremost Signs That Will Determine Your Dog Has Flea or Not:


 Itching Scratching or Chewing Skin:


Fleas are depended upon host animal to survive. Their main food is blood, by sucking blood, it causes allergic infections by which dog may feel uncomfortable and nervous. Continues itching, scratching or skin biting are the signs of some fleas or ticks on the dog.


Flea Dirt on Fur:


Dirt! Sounds disgusting? Yes, it is but it is necessary to know about it. During the sucking of blood, flea wastes some of the blood. This extra blood remains on the dog body and it seems like a small red-colored spot on dog body. If more time blood remains on the body of the dog, then it becomes dry and appears like black specks on hair.


Larva of Fleas:


Because flea larva comes from an egg stage, sometimes your dog may behave normally, but it doesn’t mean that your dog does not have the attack of external parasites. You need to check its hair after some period of time.

In some cases, it is difficult to search Fleas and identify the symptoms on the dog. So, at this time, it becomes necessary to have handy tips to trap fleas.


How To Trap Fleas


Flea Comb:

Dog Fleas

Unlike regular combs, use a flea comb available in any pet store and work it slowly on your dog hair. Comb with the fine teeth and the fleas are trapped easily. Depending on the type of hair of dog, you need to work with a comb. If your dog has short hair then you might get fleas or larva into the comb teeth in less effort. If your dog has long hair you might have to put more effort to trap fleas.


Liquid Soap And Water Mixture:


Make a blend of water and liquid soap, put it near light or the place where your pooch sits mostly. Fleas will get attracted to the lights and like this, they drown into liquid and you will catch them effortlessly.


Yellow Green Filter on Light:

Fleas are attracted to yellow-green light. You can increase the efficiency of the lamp by the use of yellow-green bulb. Another way would be you can install a yellow-green filter on the lamp with a regular bulb or color it the way you want.

Place A Candle In The Dish:

One effective idea to trap fleas is flea light. Place a tea light or floating candle at the center of the dish and light the candle. The fleas will come to the candle flame and they will be trapped and drown.


Fleas Treatments:


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The above methods to trap fleas are effective when these pesky parasites are on your dogs but it is always better to prevent them with flea preventatives. Today, there are numerous flea treatments available in the et such as Nexgard, Simparica, Bravecto, and Frontline Plus are recommended by Vets and most of the pet parents. Moreover, there are flea collars such as Seresto flea collar and Preventic Flea Collar that comes to the rescue to pet parents who have lively dogs that love to go outdoors.

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