Planning To Get One More Kitty? Tips And Concerns To Deliberate!

Adding one more kitty to your family is indeed a big decision to make, which may require a bit of deliberation. Apart from the probability of increased expenses and space, there are several other things to ponder upon. Following are some of the points that you should keep in mind or consider, before you get another kitty!


  • Felines are tagged as “solitary” animals and they do not share the sibling bond with other cats as easily as dogs do.
  • Although this cannot be generalized, you must be ready to detangle the fight that is likely to happen even from a small conflict.
  • Survey on felines suggests that siblings that have been raised together may make the best pairing. If you are planning on adopting more than one cat at a time, try getting siblings together.
  • Being an anti-social animal, cats do not share their things pleasantly. They usually get into fight if you try to force the element of sharing on them. Thus, they need access to their own resource. Food bowls, water bowls beddings and at an initial stage they might disagree on sleeping in the same room.
  • Study your current cat’s behavior with other felines. If he seems to be completely anti-social, try to get her comfortable with neighbor or a friend’s cat and analyze the results. There have been many cases where the cat owner has had to give up the newly added queen in order to make peace with the older one.
  • You may need to provide a room to retreat where there are cat trees, shelves, where they can climb to escape the bully cat.
  • Just like the other requirements, adding a new litter box is important. This will be them to be on their own and may minimize the probability of getting in conflict over the resources.
  • It is said that cats with same energy levels may have a comfortable bond between each other. Analyze your feline’s energy level and put these specifications in your requirement.

To conclude, it is necessary to look into minute details before adopting a new feline into the family. Put thought into the above mentioned tips and have enjoyable days ahead with both your felines.