Rules to be Adhered while Visiting Dog Parks

Rules to be Adhered while Visiting Dog Parks

If you are visiting the dog park for the very first time, chances are that will be clueless about the decorum that needs to be maintained to ensure your tyke’s safety. A dog park is a place where dozens of pooches who are not introduced to each other are completely at a loose handle. So, if you do not plan or prepare for the environment, then it is a complete recipe for disaster. Just visualize the scenario and you will shiver by the mere thought of it.

Visiting dog parks has its own share of risks like injuring your furry pal while playing or fighting, getting bitten or biting someone or acquiring an infectious disease from another pooch. The other part of this puzzle is there are certain dogs that do not enjoy dog park visits and your pooch can be one of them. He might be fearful or unaware of playing with other dogs that are aggressive towards him.

So, understand your pooch first of all then decide whether you want to visit a dog park. Once you have taken an affirmative decision follow these rules for having a gala time during your maiden dog park visit:

  • Each dog park has a separate area for small, medium, large and extra large dogs. So ensure that your pooch is placed in an area that is best suitable according to his body size. So if your small sized dog is set in a large dog section it can result in a chaotic condition which can become worse the other way round. Hence, always respect the rules of the dog park and ensure that there is a demarcation line between rough play and a serious injury. Don’t even think about leaving your doggy alone in the park even for a couple of minutes.
  • It is never a smart idea to carry your tyke’s favorite treat and toys to the dog park as it can draw attention of other pooches resulting in jealousy and end up into a big fight. Other dog owners would show displeasure particularly if they do not give treats to their tykes so avoid such a situation. As far as toys are concerned, please leave them at home, especially if your pooch is possessive about them and does not like sharing them with other tykes. There is every possibility of your tyke getting aggressive, specially if a particular dog comes to play with his treasured toys.
  • Keep your pooch up to date when it comes to rabies and influenza vaccinations along with flea and tick treatments. Till your tyke is completely free from fleas and tick avoid taking him to the dog park as you do not want other pooches to get infected by these pesky parasites.
  • If your doggy is not neutered pay special attention towards him because he can display aggressive behavior. If you have not spayed your feline in heat, then taking her to the park may mean getting puppies.
  • Pay close attention to your pooch as it has been observed that dog owners normally get busy with their cell phones or start interacting with fellow dog owners instead of focusing on their furry pal. As suggested earlier, playful fights can turn into serious fights within seconds hence, be vigilant during such situations and ensure that neither of the two tykes get injured during the situation.
  • If you see your pooch displaying aggressive or dominant behavior like mounting immediately step in instead of letting the doggies resolve the situation themselves.
  • Train your pooch in such a way that he responds to your common commands and comes back to you when called back. This will save your time of running around trying to catch him.

Also ensure that he gets adequate exercise before you take him to the dog park. This will keep his aggressiveness in check and ensure that he is not over-stimulated when he steps into the park.