What Advance Preparations are required to adopt a Cat?

Cats are one of the best companions for the humankind. They are the cuddliest and the sweetest pet one can adore and shower their love upon. If you are planning to adopt a cat, go ahead and complete all the formalities to bring her home. But, before that be prepared to have a cat-friendly home also. You’ll require a lot many new things and a bit of changes and precaution while adopting a cat. First and the foremost task is to teach yourself what damage will little things cause to the kitty that you use on a regular basis. How will you treat her if she gets ill? Do you have a vet, if not, contact a vet and save his contact in your speed dial. There are many preparations you’ll have to do before you bring your cat to her new home. It is similar to having a baby and keeping the surroundings safe for him.

You can do the following to keep your feline friend contented and trouble free at her new home.

Cat-Proof Your Home

Cat proofing your home will cover all the basic items of her need and liking. From scratching posts to shelves or cat-tress installed, your kitty will love her new home. Cats love heights, climbing, and enjoying a nice view from the windows. She will love her new house and get adjusted easily.

Vaccinations and Treatments

When to get your newly adopted cat vaccinated is crucial. You must also be aware about the vaccinations criteria. Another vital task is to know what diseases or infections can harm your cat and what are the remedies and prevention for the same. You must be well equipped with flea and tick prevention for cats as they are the basic parasites cats should stay away from.


Identification for a pet is necessary in today’s era. Not just because you have to name a cat or so but, also because it ensures your feline’s safety, microchipping must be done. Microchipping is the best and simple way to safeguard your pet. Consult a vet regarding this topic and get it done.

Training and Exercise

Litter training is a vital part of your cat’s routine. Unless she becomes used to using litter you must be very attentive to teach her how and when to use a litter box. Maintaining her litter box on the other hand, is your responsibility. Exercising your cat so it does not become obese just lazing around should be made a ritual.

Ample of Playtime

As much as a cat loves to laze around and sleep, she also needs to be loved and pampered by her parents. Playing with her and giving her your precious time will make her day. Bringing her toys and puzzle games will cheer her up and make her boredom go away and mentally stimulate her mind.

If you want to adopt a cat
Don’t make him a spoilt brat
Take good care of him
And his nails properly trimmed!