Cleanaural Ear

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Brand: Cleanaural Ear
Uses: Removes excess wax and debris from cat ears.
Doses: As per directions.
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Cleanaural Ear Cleaner for Cats

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Cleanaural Ear Cleaner for Cats

Cleanaural ear is a mild ear cleansing solution for cats. This non-irritating cleanser removes earwax, dirt, debris and dust from the pet’s ears. Made up of organic solvents, this cleanser with mild pH balance keeps the pet’s ears moisturized and prevents various kinds of aural infections in cats. It aids in maintaining routine aural hygiene in pets.

How does it work?

Cleanaural ear cleanser contains Aqua, Isopropyl Alcohol, Menthol, Sodium Borate, Chlorothymol and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate as the active ingredients. The combined effect of all these ingredients makes the solution high on cleansing the ears with absolutely no chances of irritation. It is easy on the mucous membranes of the ear canals and thus wipes off earwax, dirt and debris without causing any harm.

Key Benefits

Key Benefits

  • Gentle ear cleansing solution made of organic solvents
  • Cleanses hardened ear wax, dirt and debris from the cat’s ears
  • Highly beneficial in keeping away aural infections of all kinds
  • Has no harming effect on the ear skin or fur
  • Non-irritating ear cleansing solution
  • Suitable for all breeds and sizes of cats
  • Efficient for maintaining routine aural hygiene in canines and felines
  • Causes no issues when clubbed with other antibiotics
  • Cleanses and moisturizes normal and infected ears


  • Remove the cap, invert the bottle and place the tip on the ear canal.
  • Squeeze out the solution and gently rub on the ear. Massage the external area of the ear to loosen up the earwax.
  • Let the pet shake his head to throw off extra dirt and solution. Gently wipe off the dirt and debris with a ball of cotton.
  • Follow this as a routine clean up or as advised by the vet.


  • Do not use on damaged eardrums or ruptured skin.
  • Do not apply if the pet is allergic to any of the ingredients.
  • Keep away from the pet’s eyes and mouth.
  • Consult a veterinarian on how to use the solution if there is extra deposition of wax and if the ears are painful.
  • Wash and sterilize hands after treating the pet.


  • Do not use if the earwax is too hard to remove.
  • There are no other known contraindications of Cleanaural ear.
More Info

More Info

Target species All breeds of cats
Mode of administration Topical
Active Ingredient Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Aqua, Polysorbate 80, Chlorothymol, Sodium Stearate, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Citric Acid
Manufacturer Dechra
Brand Name Cleanaural Ear
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Joy happy for our pets

has helped relieved our pets from ear pain. happy for them.

Raymond best eye care

one of the best eye care solutions, have tried many but happy with this product

Talia proper cleaning of ears

This does thorough cleaning of my pet's ears and keep them protected from infections as well.

Mack Excellent product

Though she still doesn't like having her ears touched but when using this product, she never makes a fuss.

Lorena ear health

never felt to buy other ear treatment. can rely on it completely