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Preventic Tick Collar

Rated : 4.33/5
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Uses: Controls different types of ticks on dogs.
Doses: 1 Collar = 2 Months
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Preventic Tick Collar 25 inch Adjustable Collar for Dogs

Preventic Tick Collar 25 inch Adjustable Collar for Dogs
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Virbac Preventic Tick Collar for Dogs

Preventic tick collar is a quick acting tick prevention formula from the house of Virbac. The collar’s effectiveness lasts for 60 days. It destroys and controls deer ticks, American dog ticks, brown dog ticks and lone star ticks. The lightweight collar is suitable for all breeds of dogs. A waterproof collar that is designed for long-term flea treatment of puppies and dogs.

How does it work?

Manufactured by Virbac, Preventic tick collar with the active ingredient Amitraz is a very powerful tick removal formula for all major kinds of ticks. The collar starts working within 24 hours. It kills 92% of existing adult ticks within 48 hours and remains efficient for two months. It is a highly effective treatment for American dog ticks, lone star ticks, deer ticks and brown dog ticks.

The lightweight collar weighs 27.5 grams and it fits all. A waterproof, odor-free collar that sustains its tick killing property even after the pet gets wet.

Key Benefits


  • Powerful tick collar that destroys existing ticks within 48 hours.
  • Remains effective for 2 months and prevents future infestations.
  • Saves the pet from tick-borne diseases like Lyme disease, rickettsia and babesiosis.
  • Waterproof, odorless collar suitable for all breeds of dogs.
  • Effective for 60 days.



Buckle it around the pet’s neck with a two-finger space between the collar and the pet’s neck. Cut off the extra part and dispose it immediately.

Change the collar after 60 days. It is advisable to remove it while bathing the pet or during his swimming sessions.

Consult with a veterinarian about using this collar for sick, debilitated and pregnant pets.    



  • Do not open the pack until you need to use the collar.
  • Make sure the collar is not too tight on the pet’s neck.
  • Trim the extra portion of the collar and dispose it immediately.
  • Resist pets and children from chewing the collar.
  • Clean and sterilize hands after tying the collar.


  • Do not use on dogs younger than 12 weeks of age.
  • There are no known contraindications of Preventic tick collar for dogs. 

More Info

More Info

Target species 12weeks and older puppies and dogs
Mode of administration Topical
Active Ingredient Amitraz
Manufacturer Virbac
Brand Name Preventic
Ratings & Reviews
4.33/5 Based on 3 Review(s)
  • Diva Good eradication of ticks!

    Reliable and safe remedy against ticks.I found this great.

  • ShadburneBest collar

    Cant find better than this collar.

  • Abraham Long term effects

    Ticks are eliminated very efficiently by this product.I am a great fan of this

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