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Rated : 4.7/5
In Stock, Price Starting From: $ 47.13
Uses: Treats and prevents flea infestation and flea allergy dermatitis (FAD).
Doses: 1 Pipette/ Dose = 1 Month
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Vectra for Cats

Vectra for Cats
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Vectra Flea Treatment for Cats

Vectra felis is an excellent topical flea treatment solution for cats and kittens. It effectively kills fleas and provides protection from them as well. Vectra also eradicates those fleas that spread diseases such as Bartonellosis, tapeworm, and tularemia. It also gets rid of fleas thus helping in controlling flea allergy dermatitis and anemia. This fast-acting formula helps in the control of all the stages of fleas. A non-greasy solution, this topical solution is the perfect product for cats.

How it works?

Vectra felis contains two potent ingredients called Dinotefuran and Pyriproxyfen that helps fighting off fleas. Once administered, it spreads to all corners of the body and begins destroying fleas. Within 6 hours, all existing fleas are eliminated. Furthermore, it provides protection for one month and is safe for all cats and kittens over 8 weeks of age and weighing at least 2lbs.

Key Benefits


  • Excellent flea treatment solution for felines.
  • Month-long flea protection for cats.
  • Destroys all fleas that transmit diseases.
  • Fleas are eliminated within 6 hours.
  • Non-greasy and quick drying formula.
  • Safe for cats and young cats over 8 weeks.



  • Remove applicator from the package.
  • Ensure your cat is in an upright position.
  • While you hold the applicator upright, press the smaller disk down slowly until it meets the larger disk.
  • Part your cat’s fur at the base and start applying the solution all over the skin.
  • Apply all the contents in the tube.
  • Repeat every month or follow the advice of your vet.



  • For external use only.
  • Product should not be used on dogs.
  • Suitable for kittens above 8 weeks old.
  • Keep out of children’s reach.
  • Avoid contact with eyes as well as mouth.
  • Store product in a cool, dry place and away from sunlight.

More Info

More Info

Target Species Cats
Mode of Administration Topical
Active Ingredients Dinotefuran and Pyriproxyfen
Manufacturer Ceva Animal Health
Brand Name Vectra (Ceva)
Ratings & Reviews
4.7/5 Based on 10 Review(s)
  • HauserProtection against flea allergy dermatit

    Efficiently controls flea allergy dermatitis and I am much relaxed for my four cats. Thanks for recommending this.

  • JayneExcellent online shopping experience

    A lot of pet products to choose from when shopping online and I was a bit concerned when I realized that the product I ordered is coming from overseas. but pleased to receive the product as promised.

  • fannysimply awesome

    Vectra 3D is super awesome!

  • alexflea control

    Easily controls and eradicates fleas.

  • Dorseyfirst time user

    using it for the first time and can see the difference

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