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Ilium Oticlean

Rated : 5/5
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Uses: Non-inflammatory ear cleansing solution for cats and dogs.
Doses: As per directions
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Ilium Oticlean 125ml

Ilium Oticlean 125ml
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Ilium Oticlean for Dogs & Cats

Ilium Oticlean is a skin and ear cleaning solution that can be used as a regular ear cleaner or in combination with ear drops to help in the treatment of ear infections. It is even effective in cleaning superficial wounds. It is used for the treatment of wounds, abrasions and otitis externa when the healing is impaired by necrotic tissue, debris or wax in dogs and cats. It comes in an easy to use spray or nozzle pack. It is a comprehensive solution that has been developed for aural cleaning in dogs and cats. It prevents bacterial growth, thereby ensuring prevention of future occurrence of ear diseases and infections. It keeps away any excess moisture from the treated pet's ears thus ensuring healthy and fresh ears.

How does it work?

Propylene glycol, malic acid, benzoic acid and salicylic acid are the active ingredients present in ilium oticlean. When all these ingredients are combined together, it results in comprehensive treatment of pets from Otitis externa, scratches, wounds and abrasions. It quickly heals infected tissues and promotes regeneration. It even aids in preventing ear diseases and infections in dogs and cats.

Key Benefits


  • A smooth solution for routine and advanced aural cleaning of pets
  • An effective treatment for Otitis externa, scratches, wounds, and abrasions
  • Prevents ear diseases and infections in pets
  • Swiftly heals infected tissues and promotes regeneration



  • Shingle the bottle before commencing the treatment.
  • Let the pet be in a lying position and then open the ear-flap.
  • Keep the tip of the nozzle on the top of external ear canal and compress the solution.
  • Smoothly rub the ear base to loosen the earwax and debris.
  • Wipe off the dirt smoothly with cotton.
  • Repeat the process twice or thrice on a weekly basis.
  • For wounds, take the recommendation of your veterinarian or check the product label.



  • After administration of the drops if there is still no improvement in the pet consult with your veterinarian.
  • Before starting the treatment get a proper diagnosis from the veterinarian.
  • Keep the ear drops away from the pet's mouth and eyes.
  • Softly remove the debris since the ear canals of the pets are delicate.
  • Wash your hands properly with soap and water after administering the treatment.

More Info

More Info

Target species Dogs & Cats
Mode of Administration Topical
Ingredient Propylene glycol, malic acid, benzoic acid, salicylic acid
Manufacturer Ilium Veterinary Products
Brand Name Ilium
Ratings & Reviews
5/5 Based on 4 Review(s)
  • RaymondCleans easily

    Very easy to administer. Does not smell as much as some other brand ear solutions, which is obviously a plus. Cleans ears quickly and no foul smelling.

  • Sherri FenleyIlium Oticlean

    Excellent Product

  • NorthGood for ears

    Gently clean ears and does not irritate my pets. Good product

  • LloydBest buy

    My dog has clean ears now with no ear infections. highly recommend it!

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