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Interceptor Dog Heartworm Prevention

Interceptor are beef flavored tablets for preventing heartworms and treating gastrointestinal worms. The anthelmintic treatment destroys the larval stages of heartworms and does not allow them to develop into adult stages. Given as a monthly dosage the tablets suit all breeds of dogs. Being active for four consecutive weeks, the tablet provides relief from all kinds of intestinal parasites.

How it works?

A Novartis product, Interceptor heartworm preventive and gastrointestinal parasite treatment provides absolute protection against heartworms, tapeworms, hookworms, whipworms and roundworms. A monthly dose of the tablet blocks the growth of heartworms by destroying its larval and other immature stages. It hampers their reproductive process and halts their population.

The palatable tablets with Milbemycin and Praziquantel as the active ingredients remain effective for 30 days. During this time, they protect the pet from all kinds of heartworm and intestinal diseases. They are suitable for all breeds of dogs including Ivermectin sensitive border collies.

Average Rating
Based on 2 ratings
Couldn't ask for more!

My Maltese loves the taste, he thinks it’s a treat. It’s the only thing he will take willingly from my hand. He hasn’t had any issues with worms so I can only assume it's doing the job. Great product! I would definitely recommend.

Amazing it is!!

Say no to worries and yes to happiness.I have a great experience with this product,I recommend this.

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