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Laxapet Laxative Gel for Dogs and Cats

Laxapet laxative gel is an adequate gel specially designed for treatment of hairballs in cats and dogs both. This malt based flavoured gel treatment consists of fish oil which cannot be resisted by the pets. It is the most effective treatment for constipation in both the pets. It softens the stool and lubricates the content of the digestive tract.  

How it works?

Laxapet laxative gel is a combination of quality ingredients – petrolatum, lecithin, fish liver oil and vitamins A, B1, B12, B2 and B6. This treatment works on the stomach and softens the content for easy elimination. It helps in natural excretion without causing any side effects. The clinically proven formula supports in removing hairball and regular treatment to prevent hairball formation.

Easy & Gentle

it is easy & gentle on stomach, relieves constipation.

best product

Excellent. Dogs took them with no arguments


Easy to apply love it

No furball problems

I usually use this on my cats when they have furball problems. It seems to be reasonably effective with no stomach upsets. Furthermore, the cats get very happy when they see the pack and come rushing over towards me for their part, which they lick off their paw! when administered!

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