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Milbemax for Dogs

Brand: Milbemax
Uses: Dewormer to protect dogs from intestinal worms.
Doses: 1 Tablet = 1 Month
Top Reviews
all good about this shop

except slow delivery all is good about this shop

Excellent Product

One product controls many worms. Excellent treatment for intestinal worms. Must buy this!

Safe and Effective

Safe and effective for the prevention of heartworms. I am using for months and had not seen any side effects as well.

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4.9/5 Based on 27 Review(s)
Kiren Excellent Product

Long-lasting solution to keep away various kinds of worms.

Hudson Safe Treatment No Side Effects

Safe and effective treatment for our furry friends and safe for pregnant queens as well.

Gerardo Potent formula

Potent formula that keeps those blood sucking far away and helps to maintain digestive health effectively.

Matthias Amazing product

It’s a powerful monthly heartworm that prevent heartworm along with various intestinal worms. Would recommend this.

Kyson Safe and Effective

It is completely safe and effective for my dogs. No side effects and lasting solution to treat various kinds of worms.