Panacur Oral Suspension for Cat Supplies

Panacur Oral Suspension For Cats and Dogs

Panacur Oral Suspension is a ready to administer oral anthelmintic for both dogs and cats including unweaned puppies and kittens from two weeks of age. It is highly efficacious against roundworms, hookworms and tapeworms such as toxocara, toxascaris, anyclostma, trichuris, uncinaria, taenia species and giardia infections in dogs, and lungworm in both cats and dogs. It is equally safe to dispense to pregnant bitches at 25mg/lbs daily for the last 25 days of pregnancy.

How It Works?

Panacur Oral Suspension contains Fenbendazole as an active ingredient. 1ml of Panacur 10% Oral Suspension contains 100mg of fenbendazole. Wormers containing fenbendazole has a very gentle action "starving" the worms by preventing them absorbing glucose, so there is no effect on the host animal. Dead worms are then digested. The safety margin of fenbendazole means that it is almost impossible to give a dose large enough to harm puppies or kittens.

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Wayne Good stuff

Good stuff, works like a magic

Nicholas can't do without this

our babies can't do without this treatment. once every three months and they are happy with no worms.

Davis works best

Nothing works like this ... best wormer

Azalea Easiest way

I've been trying different ways of worming my herd of cats, but this was the easiest when you have a hectic life and are committed to a routine worming.

Nicole best for our kitten

our kitten, four months old, was treated with oral suspension for worms and bingo she regained her health