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Brand: Medistatin
Uses: Anti-fungal agent treats fungal infections in birds.
Doses: 1 Dose = Daily for Seven days
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Medistatin 100gm

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Medistatin For Pigeons & Birds

For treating birds and pigeons against candida disease, Medistatin is an ultimate product. This powder form is safe for poultry and game birds as well as treats pigeons, raptors and cage birds. Medistatin is first of its kind Nystatin oral treatment, which is widely used for controlling and preventing candida diseases in different birds.  

How does it work?

Medistatin contains an active ingredient Nystatin, which is an anti-fungal agent. This component attacks candida parasite and heals birds. It helps birds and pigeons to regain strength and normal health. This formulation is safe to dose baby birds and useful in treating hand-reared chicks, which are more vulnerable to candida.

Key Benefits
  • Medistatin works wonferfully for treating candida in birds and pigeons.
  • This oral treatment not only controls but also prevents this disease in birds.
  • The powder form is easy to administer to birds and pigeons.
  • The unique formula makes it simple to dose baby birds.

For pigeons:   

  • Mix 5 gm of powder or one heaped measure included with 2.2 lbs or 1 kg of grain for five to seven consecutive days.
  • For sticking of the powder to the grains, add few drops of light oil into the grain and powder mixture.

For other birds:

  • Put 5 gm of powder or one heaped measure included with 500 gm of soft food for 5-7 days continuously.
  • Put little light oil into the mixture so that Medistatin adheres to it.
  • It is recommended for birds use only.
  • Store it away from direct sunlight and dry place.
  • Keep the container tightly close after use.


Not known yet, if you find any side effects seek vet’s advice.

More Info
Target Species Pigeons, birds and poultry
Mode of administration Oral
Active Ingredient Nystatin 400 000 i.u./g
Manufacturer Medpet
Brand Name Medistatin
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Clara Good and safe

I have seen amazing results after using this ,thanks to Mesdistatin