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4.8/5 Based on 16 Review(s)
Jessica tick collar

would recommend this collar due to its long lasting protection.

Loreet Replaced the old one

Was using other collar, but seems it never lasted too long. so replaced with scalibar and can see the difference. Also it lasts longer. So dont have to change collar on Tacy for long time.

Bailey Removes ticks effectively!

We have a very challenging environment for Paralysis Ticks. I have been using Scalibor for the last 6 months and this product is excellent, I have removed 2 ticks from my dog during this time and both were dead. This product is cost effective and a life saver for your dog. I highly recommend it.

Judy Enough for tick control

We used this collar for when our cocker sp0aniel was highly infested along with other flea treatments. It was excellent for her as it did not obscure her vision, and she wore it happily.. It is lightweight and quick drying, and she could sleep comfortably, sniff etc. Now just on this tick collar and seems its just enough for tick control. great product

Gary Westerlund Scalibor Tick Collars

Excellent Product