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Brazys special place

I have been wanting to write a review for the last four years and I'm now just getting to this. This has been my special online store for bird products, cat and dog products, and supplies for cats and dogs and more.

oliver No more infection

Product was great. No side effects. Got rid of infection.

Zapusel works great

Medimune works better then most other brands. I live in the country with parasites everywhere. Plus, with the 2 coupons I received I saved $5. Great price and it works best for the racing season.

Lisa Mediumne

I find having one product that does everything is great for me. find that i get this product at great price every time I buy at canadavetexpress.

Jacqueline No more infection

Rcommended to a friend. Highly effective and no more infection in my coop. Has high safe margin.