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4.7/5 Based on 15 Review(s)
Ali spray

this is simply great. no complains no more dramas of my dog. can easily handle him now. happy to get this spray.

Sobek Great quality

I always buy this treatment, it is easy to apply, doesn't smell & no anxiety attacks

Lauren Such a nice product!

I used this spray last month when my German shepherd used to get frightened by the thunder. I sprayed it on his collar and in the area of his bedding in the garage. It seemed to work fine and within five minutes he was no longer jumping or running anxiously.

Sheila Relief from anxiety!

Helpful for my anxious pup. Now he is better at being able to relax. Really GREAT stuff!!

Gina Can't believe how well this collar worke

The product was received on time, and after using it I really found the dramatic change in my dog. I purchased this spray on the recommendation of my vet because my dog was afraid of loud noises. I will carry on using this.