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4.8/5 Based on 37 Review(s)
aiden an excellent product

Frontline Plus is the product that comes into mind whenever any of my pets get infested with fleas. And it has remained consistent over the years.

cathy no fleas anymore

This product has been a boon for my cats. my cats would be still infested with fleas if I hadn’t started this treatment.

ezra great quality

Got the product on time and its effectiveness is excellent.

Joann Rotzell Happy cat ??

Been using this for the past five yrs..no fleas or ticks on my cat or me either. She used to hate having the product put on and would run and hide under the bed..now she’s used to it and has no more cat-atude!

carrie kitty is safe from fleas

My cat would often get infested with fleas and ticks. No product seemed to work properly, so I decided to switch to a new treatment. Frontline plus exceeded my expectations! Now, there’s not a single flea or tick on my cat.