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4.9/5 Based on 47 Review(s)
Natalia bravo!

There's a reason why this product is my favorite - it doesn't harm my pooch and works right as mentioned.

Olive by far the best product

My pooch was highly infested with fleas when I started this treatment on him and he has very less to none on his body.

hugh all rounder treatment

Advantage Multi is excellent as it is effective against multiple kind of internal and external parasites.

Rozy brilliant though using for the first tim

It was excellent for the first month. My dog was absolutely infested with fleas as well as worms. Within about 12 hours he had maybe four fleas on him. He never completely got rid of the fleas but that first month he had maybe 4-6 on him that I could tell. It was much much better then what it was before the spot on treatment. Here we are in month two and he has about fewer fleas (obviously I’m estimating) . He is recovering and happy to see him without any fleas now.

warner Very effective

Advantage Multi is the only treatment I use on my dog. It is very effective and treats all flea and tick infestation.