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4.8/5 Based on 47 Review(s)
raisin late delivery but good product quality

This is the first time I ordered Bravecto. At first, I was disappointed as I didn't receive the product on ETA but the product quality is really good! It's been a few weeks and the product is very effective against fleas and ticks.

hannah bravo bravecto

Bravecto is the only treatment that provides not one but three months protection from fleas and ticks.

jonny best of all

Bravecto is seriously the best treatment for fleas and ticks! It has gotten rid of all the parasites and also stays effective for a long period of time.

ashley good product

Bravecto is the only treatment I trust as I have been using it for years on my two dogs.

Karie Bravecto is a great treatment

It's been three years and my pooch has never faced any issue with the product. It continues to protect Less from fleas and ticks.