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4.8/5 Based on 38 Review(s)
ginny full protection from fleas

My dog is 3 years old and has never had a flea on him, all thanks for Simparica!

levi works very well on my dog

I flea and tick preventative I used to administer to my dog wasn't working that well on him so I decided to switch to another product. So far, the treatment seems to be working effectively and there are no adverse effects.

ella effective chewables

Simparica is really easy to administer thanks to its palatable taste.

gary like it

Have been using this treatment for more than 4 months and it works perfectly plus there are no side effects.

joan Tasty and effective chew

Flea and tick infestation used to be a recurring issue until I got this treatment for my pooch. It really works well and gets rid of fleas and ticks in no time.