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4.8/5 Based on 40 Review(s)
lucifer highly recommend it

I used to be concerned about my pooch getting heartworms. But not anymore, thanks to Heartgard plus!

Ken best heartworm preventative

I have used this on my pooch for years and the product has always proven to be the best among other treatments.

earl complete protection

Heartgard plus is an excellent treatment! Thanks to the product, my pooch has never gotten infected with heartworms.

hilda protects olly's heart

This beef flavoured product has suited my dog and it works perfectly! I am always scared about heartworms so I never miss a dose of the treatment to ensure that Olly is protected all the time from deadly heartworms.

penner prevents heartworms

These beef flavored chewables are the best! It is easy to administer and prevents heartworm in my dog! Furthermore, it also treats other intestinal worms. It’s a really good product with reliable price.