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Abigail White Awesome Results!

This is a tasty treat for my dog Pluto. It saved my dog from roundworms and was effective from its first dose. Heartgard Plus is the best.

Barbara Small-Delifus heart Guard and Flea preventive meds.

Rock, our LOVED Pit Bull was found and my husband brought him home. We took Rock to the Vet., to see if he had a ID Chip inserted and he didn't. He isn't our dog, he is our child. Rock is the BEST! Can't imagine our lives without him. Your Heart Guard and flea preventive medications are wonderful and give Rock full protection. Thank You for these wonderful products. Barbara

Avery Superb!!

Worms are very painful for my darling pooch.After using Heartgard I am feeling blessed .

Mikael Best Option to Keep Dog Safe

I am quite happy with Heartgard Plus. It keeps my pooch happy and healthy! Price is fair. I love it and I would NEVER think to try any other brand EVER!

Jade Reliable Product that Works

My dog hates to take tablets, but when I start to give him this Heartgard - a beef flavored chewable he readily eats it just like a tasty treat. This can really make my life so easy. And, it gives my dog a month long protection against heartworms. So it's obviously working!