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4.8/5 Based on 37 Review(s)
Jackson Great Flea & Tick Repellent

I faithfully apply this at the back of my cat's neck and we don't have any issues with fleas or ticks. This is a great flea and tick control product.

Chester My kitty is disease-free

I used this solution on my cats to get rid of the fleas. Guess what, it worked incredibly well. My kitty is now disease-free. I'm so happy.

Adonis Powerful flea solution

A powerful flea solution that effectively eradicated fleas in my cat. Lovely product!

Bob Product worth the money

Lately, all the products I used to get away with fleas didn't work the way I wanted. But recently I bought this product and experienced the never seen before effectiveness. It worked really well and killed all the fleas very quickly

Bryan Incredible Results!

I saw a few fleas scurrying around the belly of my kitty and instant panic set in! Thanks to Canada Vet Express I was able to order Frontline Plus immediately. The product took a while to reach but showed immediate results. I appreciate this website that provides such good products at such low costs.