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4.7/5 Based on 52 Review(s)
Felis the best treatment

The condition of my dog got way better after I administered this product to him and his scratching also reduced to a great extent.

rick affordable prices

My poor doggo, Charlie was constantly scratching himself because of allergy and this product was really helpful in relieving the symptoms. Also got the product at a very cheap rate so I'd say it's a win!

naiomi seems to work well

I can't say for sure how effective this product is, but so far it looks like the treatment is working nicely on my dog. He still scratches sometimes, but overall he seems to be in a better condition.

tarkie zero allergies

After starting the treatment, my dog is completely relieved from allergies and itching.

jose highly recommend this product

Apoquel is one treatment I completely rely on for treating my pets from allergies.