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Revolution for Dog Supplies

Revolution Heartworm Prevention for Dogs

Revolution is a monthly topical formulation used for treating fleas and ear mites and preventing heartworms in puppies and dogs. The yellow colored solution is also an effective tick killer and controls sarcoptic mange.   It saves the pet from diseases caused by various internal and external parasites. It is a waterproof and odorless treatment. It kills heartworm larvae found in puppies, dogs, breeding and lactating female dogs thus preventing heartworm infestation.

How it works?

A Zoetis product, Revolution for dogs is a monthly topical spot-on treatment that destroys heartworm larvae, fleas, ticks, sarcoptic mange, and ear mites. It is formulated to suit puppies, adult dogs, breeding dogs, and nursing female dogs. It is highly potent in destroying immature life stages of heartworms and fleas.

Made up of Selamectin as the active ingredient, this spot-on treatment prevents diseases caused by various types of parasites. The fragrance-free and waterproof treatment remains active even after the pet gets wet. When used year-round, it provides complete protection to the pet from parasite borne diseases.

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Phoenix Helped my Doggo to stay protected

No other product worked better than this. It helps my doggo to stay protected from deadly heartworm disease.

Amber Best and Safe product to prevent heartwo

I am using for the past few months and got great effective results. I would strongly recommend this because it is the best and safe product to prevent heartworm and control fleas.

yuleq= top product

perfect heartworm preventative

tintin heartworm protection

This treatment is truly incredible! Easy to administer and works effectively on my doggo.

sal recommended!

Revolution is the best for fleas