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Earn Rewards Points with Every Purchase

We understand that keeping your pet healthy and happy is a top priority for every pet parent. That is why, at, we have created an excellent reward program to assist you in making the most of your pet supplies budget.


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Get reward points with everyday purchases by earning 1 point for every $1 spent


Redeem points for any further pet supplies purchases

Our CanadaVetExpress Rewards Program is just one more way for us to say “thanks” for shopping with us. That’s why we made it easy, automatic and rewarding.

Reward Points System

Earn 1 point for every $1 spent
How to Earn Reward Points?
Create an account

Creating an account (if you haven’t already) will earn 100 reward points

Place an order

Sign in and shop normal, for every $1 spent you will get 1 reward point

Review products

Earn 20 reward points for every review you write on the product you purchase

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20 Reward points= $1 Discount
How to Redeem Reward Points?
Order Discount

Once you have earned Reward Points, you can redeem these for any further pet supplies purchases in the form of discounts

Slide and Redeem

Reward points can be redeemed using a slider on the 'Shopping Cart' page. You can use the slider to pick the number of reward points you want to redeem.

Reward Point Select
Reward Points Value

For every 20 Reward points you earn, you will receive a $1 discount. It means 100 reward points can give you a $5 discount!

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How are reward points redeemed?

Reward points can be redeemed at any time during the ordering process. However, in order to redeem your reward points, you must have a minimum order value of $25. At most, 10% of your total order can be redeemed.

Where can I find my reward points?

You may view your reward points by login into your account, during checkout, and after order confirmation.

  • My Account: You can check your reward points by logging into your registered account.

  • Checkout / Shopping Cart: Once you've added all of the items to your shopping cart, you can view the number of reward points you've earned as well as the maximum number of points you may redeem for that order.

  • Order Confirmation Page: Once your order is confirmed, the order confirmation page will display the total number of rewards points you have received.

How Is the Reward Point Value Calculated?

The value of reward points is computed as follows:

20 reward points = $1 or 100 reward points = $5

This implies that for every 20 reward points you earn, you will receive a $1 discount. So, if you have 100 reward points, you will receive a $5 discount.

You can use your reward points to get a discount on your next or subsequent purchases.

How can I use my reward points?

Slide and Redeem!

Reward Point Select

Reward points can be redeemed using a slider on the 'Shopping Cart' page. You can use the slider to pick the quantity of reward points you want to redeem. Instead of using the slider, you can put the required number in the box.

Reward points can only be redeemed for an amount equal to 10% of the total order value.

For example, if your order is worth $500, 10% of $500 equals $50. This indicates that the maximum number of reward points you may redeem for this transaction is 1000, because 100 points equal $5 in reward point value.

How long does it take for my reward points to be credited to my account?

As soon as your order is shipped, your reward points will be paid to your account. Normally, your account is rewarded with the reward points within 2 to 3 days of placing the order. For additional information, please contact us at

Is it possible to cash in my reward points?

Unfortunately, earned reward points cannot be encashed. These reward points can only be used to get discounts on purchases.

How can I keep track of my earned reward points?

Logging into your registered account allows you to manage all of your earned reward points. After logging in, go to 'My Account' and then 'My Rewards'. You can manage all of your incoming and outgoing reward points here.

Do my reward points have a time limit?

Your reward points do, in fact, have an expiration date. Unused reward points will expire after 10 months from the date they were credited to your account. For additional information, please contact us at

Terms & Conditions:

  • Reward Points from the Reward Points Program are only reflected in the account with
  • You can redeem maximum 10% of the order value.
  • Reward Points, with the exception of, cannot be swapped, redeemed, or reduced at any other retailer.
  • You cannot redeem reward points into cash.
  • On each order, the maximum discount (reward points, discounts, coupons, auto order discounts, or seasonal promotions) will be applied.
  • maintains the right to cancel, amend, or update the redeem value, validity term, and monetary equivalence of reward points on any one or more orders.
  • reward points are non-transferable. Buyers are not permitted to transfer or trade reward points with another individual or third parties.
  • The reward point exchange rate and the number of points are subject to change or update without notice.
  • reserves the right to cancel, update, or discontinue the Reward Points Program at anytime without any prior notice.