RSPCA Monthly Heartworm Tablets  for Dog Supplies

RSPCA Monthly Heartworm Tablets for Dogs

RSPCA Monthly Heartworm tablet is highly useful for the prevention of heartworm disease. This monthly tablet is given to control heartworm disease caused by the parasitic worm in dogs, which is spread by mosquitoes. The oral heartworm treatment destroys heartworms in their immature stages before they can be dangerous. This easy to dose preventive provides monthly protection without any side effects. It is suitable for use on adult dogs and puppies above 6 weeks of age.

How does it work?

RSPCA Monthly Heartworm tablet contains powerful pesticide – Ivermectin. The active ingredient eliminates the tissue stage of heartworm larvae Dirofilaria immitis that infected the dog in the month before treatment. Before starting this treatment, a dog should always be diagnosed for the infection of heartworm. In case of positive heartworm result, consult your vet for the treatment.

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Lennon Monthly treatment

Monthly heartwormer that has no side effects in our too sensitive collie

Nathanael Affordable

Affordable heartwormer, happy to buy it from here

Maximo works amazingly

Works amazingly, since our pup was two years old we have started this and she has never been infected with heartworm infections.

Rogelio works amazing

works amazing and price is great

Ross For small dogs

For our small dogs, we only prefer this heartwormer as it is safe and protects well.