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SENTRY Calming Spray for Cats


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Sentry Behavior Spray for Cats

Sentry Calming Spray is a scientifically proven stress and anxiety relieving formula for cats. The composition aids in alleviating stress-induced behaviors and anxieties in kittens and cats of all age groups and breeds.

Sentry Calming Spray is a quick and easy way to calm cats during separation anxiety and help kittens adjust to multi-pet households. This formula alleviates situational stress and anxiety during fireworks, thunderstorms, meeting new people, vet consultation, grooming, etc. This spray contains soothing lavender and chamomile fragrance and reduces stress related behaviors such as inappropriate marking, clawing and other anti-social behaviors.

How it works?

Sentry Calming Spray works by mimicking the pheromones of mother cat. Kittens and cats recognize these pheromones throughout their lives. Sentry Spray releases calming pheromones during stressful events and thus calms and comforts kittens and cats of all ages and breeds.

Key Benefits
  • Non-toxic composition
  • Scientifically proven formula
  • Easy and quick way to relieve stress
  • Provides temporary comfort during stressful occasions
  • Mimics mother cat pheromones
  • Relieves stress triggered by thunderstorms, travel, vet visits, etc.
  • Offers soothing lavender and chamomile fragrance
  • Recommended for use in cats of all ages and breeds
  • Spray a burst of Sentry Calming Spray in cat-frequented areas or in the places where the cat is likely to experience a challenging event.
  • Spray just before the pet is expected to arrive to the location.
  • Sentry Calming Spray can be used on a collar, leash, carrier, crate, car, shirt, bandana, etc.
  • It is recommended for use in kittens and cats of all age groups and all breeds
  • For animal use only
  • Avoid spraying directly on pets
  • Do not expose to heat
  • Keep away from reach of children and pets
  • Do not store at temperature above 120 F. (49°C.)
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Active ingredient

Synthetic pheromone 0.01%, inert ingredients 99.9%

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This is an excellent product. I sprayed in one of my rooms and she completely calms down.

May 12, 2023

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