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Simparica TRIO for Dogs 2.8-5.5 lbs (Gold)
Simparica TRIO for Dogs 5.6-11 lbs (Purple)
Simparica TRIO for Dogs 11.1-22 lbs (Caramel)
Simparica TRIO for Dogs 22.1-44 lbs (Teal)
Simparica TRIO for Dogs 44.1-88 lbs (Green)
Simparica TRIO for Dogs 88.1-132 lbs (Red)

Uses:Eliminate fleas and various types of ticks effectively. Also, prevents heartworm in dogs.

Doses:1 Chew = 1 Month

Starting From: $63.75

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Sharon Reed

Great product

Our dogs are much happier

Apr 05, 2024

Jack Morton

Wonderful the revolution quit working

I’m hoping it keeps the fleas at bay

Apr 02, 2024

Ann Fitzmorris

Product recommended by Vet

My pup has no issues with Simparica TRIO except that she won't take it straight as a chewable. I have to hide it in a treat to get it down. I have seen no ticks or fleas on her but we are still in the cold weather. Summer will tell on the effectiveness of the product.

Mar 30, 2024

Dana Bosanquet

Works as it should

Hate using any chemicals in my dog, but this works and he is not having issues.

Mar 29, 2024

Larry E Creel 111

good stuff

seems to work

Mar 27, 2024