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Triworm-C Dewormer for Cat Supplies

Triworm-C for Cats

Triworm-C is a dewormer for cats that is effective in eliminating gastrointestinal worms. It acts as a remedy against ascarids, hookworms and tapeworms. Triworm-C ensures full protection of cats against any infections from the worms. 

How it works?

The Cipla product, Triworm-C is an effective deworming treatment that contains Praziquantel and Pyrantel pamoate as its active ingredients. Both these ingredients together de-worm the cats as they are anthelmintic agents and stops the activities of the worms. Praziquantel prevents larvae from growing and kills them at their initial stage while, pyrantel pamoate works by paralyzing the nervous system of the worms eliminates them.

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4.8/5 Based on 12 Review(s)
Emory no worms

my daughter recommended me this Pill for Becky. happy that it works for her and she is no more throwing up now.

Whitley Triworms works much better

Triworm works much better than the vet given pill

Rene no hookworms

Meck was suffering from hookworm infection, when treated with triworm, she recovered completely. thanks

Esmeralda No more worms

No more worm infections now starting with this treatment

Leslie worked well

as it worked well for our one kitty, we are looking to use this for our other kitties too.