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Value Plus Organic Calcium Powder for Dogs

Value Plus Organic Calcium is an essential supplement for growing puppies and aging dogs. This supplement helps to meet the basic requirement of calcium in greyhounds, service dogs and dogs in their golden years. Regular intake of Organic tablets reduces the possibility of arthritis and joint problems in dogs. The dietary product supports in maintaining strong bones and teeth in dog.

How does it work?

Organic Calcium is rich in calcium supplement, which is highly required for growing puppies, pregnant and lactating puppies. The calcium in this supplement meets the essential requirement of calcium in various breeds of dogs in order to maintain their good health. This dietary product is beneficial for greyhounds and dogs of all ages supplementing the diets, which are deficient in calcium. It is a good source of calcium for dogs, which is crucial for proper bone mass and its development along with strong teeth. The calcium in the product largely meets the low levels of the mineral in normal diets and premium feeds.

Key Benefits
  • This scientific proven formulation of supplement is developed by veterinarians
  • Value Plus Organic Calcium is uniquely blended with mineral proteinates, which essentially help in optimal absorption without developing toxins.
  • This nutritional supplement is highly useful for pregnant and lactating bitches fulfilling extra requirement of calcium during this crucial stage.
  • Organic Calcium tablets come in pure form without any inclusion of animal by-product.
  • During manufacturing process, calcium is strongly bound to protein so that it is beneficial for dogs and cats.
  • Organic Calcium supplement is a widely recommended pet supply for growing puppies for their stronger bone mass.
  • Can crush and mix in food or administer directly into mouth.


Dosage of Value Plus Organic Calcium supplement depends on the premium feed given to a dog.

Meat only diet

1 tablet per 2 kg of bodyweight

Mixed diet

1 tablet per 4-6 kg of bodyweight

Dry Food only diet

1 tablet per 8 kg of bodyweight

Alternatively can give 1 tablet per 100 gm of meat fed daily.

  • Store it in a cool and dry place.
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets.
  • Safe for all breeds of dogs.


  • No side effects seen known yet.
More Info
Target Species Dogs
Mode of administration Oral
Active Ingredient Per tablet - Calcium 200mg
Brand Name Value Plus Organic Calcium
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Calcium supplement

Got it from canadavetexpress and it is genuine. Best calcium supplement for my aging dogs.

Oct 24, 2017

Tricia Howard

Value Plus Organic Calcium

Excellent Product

Oct 13, 2017


Calcium supplement

Best calcium supplement for pets. My vet recommended this and I am using it since 9 months.

Oct 13, 2017

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