14 Amazing Facts About Beagles

We adore this breed of dog and he has been the most popular TV character in a cartoon from our childhood memories. Do you remember snoopy from Peanuts? Yes! We are talking about the super-loved, super-adored dog of all – The Beagle! Our research says Beagle is amongst the top most preferred dogs in the United States for his amicable demeanor and has received the tag of the best companion for people that love to have a quirky and super active company with them. Here are some pawsome facts about the indispensable and most exhilarating munchkin of our pet family.

  1. Beagles love to have fun, and are always super excited which is why it is the best breed to ward off boredom from your mundane life. They are never too aggressive and are always full of courage. They don’t fawn and rather display genuine friendliness.
  2. They outsmart us very easily when it comes to snooping something out due to the million scent receptors they have in their nose. This is the reason they served as hunters in England in old times.
  3. Beagles are one of the oldest dogs in history and were found in England. They were first imported to the US by General Richard Rowell from Illinois.
  4. Though now you can find them in small and medium size, earliest Beagles were hardly 8-9 inches in length, smaller than the size of your pocket. Being so minuscule, people often took them in their pockets while setting off for hunting.
  5. They are known as loudmouthed because of their natural behavior of baying more frequently and howling on the top of their voice.
  6. Beagles mostly have three colors on their body white, tan and black which makes them unique in appearance and equally photogenic for social media feeds.
  7. A true breed will always have a white tipped tail.
  8. Beagles are proactive thus must be fed with protein-rich food and supplements to upkeep their energy levels.
  9. They have long and floppy ears which often become breeding grounds for bacteria thus they require regular ear cleaning with a good cleanser.
  10. You must always keep him on a leash when out because these excited buddies can escape anywhere following their nose.
  11. Beagles are super-possessive and very restless which is why they must be trained well to obey the commands.
  12. Beagles, sadly, are very prone to hip dysplasia and cherry eyes. Therefore, appropriate prevention measures and a good diet are recommended to keep him healthy. Joint care supplements must also be provided for their appropriate development.
  13. Beagles enjoy being in a large company be it of humans, or other dogs.
  14. Many great personalities of the times – like Queen Elizabeth, President Lyndon Johnson, Barry Manilow were fond of beagles and had them in their family. All of them were self-proclaimed beagle lovers.

Beagles make us tickle with happiness and ooze out so much of kindness that we can hardly refrain ourselves from loving and caressing them insanely. They are just so awwdorabble! After knowing these facts, we are sure you gonna go and give your beagle a warm and big hug. Do that often because they deserve that!