5 Adorable ways Dogs show Love, Devotion

The 2009 British-American drama Hachi: A Dog’s Tale portrayed the true story of a Japanese dog Hachiko, who was supremely devoted to his owner. Hachiko used to walk down to the railway station daily awaiting the return of his pet parent-professor Parker Wilson from college. Daily commuters were used to the sight of the inseparable duo walking back home from the railway station together. Sadly, the cruel hand of fate came back to hurt Hachiko and his devotion when he least expected it to.

The loyal dog was frantically awaiting the return of his parent at the railway station like every other day but failed to find him anywhere. Hachiko kept waiting for him till the end of the before being fetched by Mr. Wilson’s son-in-law-Michael.

Michael had just been informed about the death of his father-in-law due to a cerebral hemorrhage during lectures and was in a state of shock. He attempted to explain the reality of the situation to Hachiko who could not be convinced. The other members of the family also attempted the same which the poor, loyal dog refused to believe.

Such was the devotion of the furry munchkin that he kept returning to the railway station in search of his beloved friend for the next 9 years, till his last breath.

Hachiko’s devotion is a shining example of the love and affection which dogs gift to their families without demanding anything in return. All they desire is your presence and a little bit of care to gift all their devotion to their owners.

A dog will jump up joyfully and start wagging his tail if he catches a glimpse of his parent despite not eating a single morsel the whole day. This is an indication of the special bond shared between dogs and human beings which cannot be matched by any other relationship on the face of this earth.

Let’s take a look at the different adorable ways by which dogs display their love and devotion to human beings:

  • Lick their parent’s face frantically: Dogs attempt to express their love by licking the face of their friend and protector indicating that they will always be there to provide any support they need. The furry creatures realize when their owner is in a state of sorrow and attempt to console through this emotional gesture which is extremely sweet in nature.


  • Chase balls thrown by their pet owners willingly: Dogs try to show the value they place behind every gesture by their owners by chasing the balls thrown to all parts of the park by their owners willingly. Chasing the ball in a determined manner is an attempt at displaying their commitment to their beloved friend and guide at every stage.


  • Closely trail their owners: Dogs are desperate to ensure that their friends are safe wherever they go and therefore attempt to follow them everywhere. This might seem irritating to a set of dog owners but this is an example of the ultimate devotion of our canine friends.


  • Guard the house throughout the night: Dogs are willing to sacrifice their own personal need for sleep by staying awake by the door every night with the desire of safeguarding their parents from any danger. A single noise can wake up a dog who is willing to risk his life if needed for keeping his owner happy and safe.


  • Await your return desperately: Dogs cannot bear a single minute away from their owners and hence wait anxiously for them to return back home from school or office. Even a single glimpse of their parent from quite a distance is enough to get them enthusiastic and eager to welcome them back home with a bark. Dogs simply hold the desire of spending as much time as possible with their beloved family

Dogs are one of the most beautiful species created by God and the bond they share with humans is one of the few things which makes the universe a beautiful place to live in.

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