Celebrate Holiday Season With Pets Earning Huge Discounts

With the holiday season on the brink, it’s that time of the year again to deck the halls or spaces with holiday-themed decorations and pet products. But, no one is oblivion to the current COVID-19 pandemic impacting the many lives including the furry pals, and bringing in more challenges for all. Amidst this, pet parents believe that, more than ever, it is the time to think about the most wonderful period of the year. Absolutely, the holiday season is the special period that is meant to be filled with joy and love. It is just a season to boost our spirits from the tough times many of us have been facing this year.

Due to the pandemic as all are spending more time at home, many pet owners agree that this year’s holiday season has to be filled with fun and frolic though it may in the confinements of the home. And with the holiday sale is ready to start, pet parents are eager to shop online more during this time.

Therefore, to make this holiday season safer for you, CanadaVetExpress brings you a bumper Black Friday Sale Offer where you can shop online for your pet supplies without the need to go out.

” Let’s unveil here the Best Deals at CanadaVetExpress on Black Friday during the Holiday “


Don’t be Slow, Everything is for Low

Black Friday is a day when CanadavetExpress provides special deals and discounts to enable every pet lover to purchase essential pet care products for their fur children. On this occasion, we are happy to announce a 15% discount across all products that come with free doses. The range includes effective spot-Ons, tasty chewables and efficient collars. We have them all at the best possible deals on Black Friday Sale.


Popular Dog & Cat Products Combo Offer



Sometimes you need more than one product to safeguard your animal companion. Therefore, our team of experts have prepared a combination of two effectively popular treatments that compliment each other in the best manner and protect your animal. It includes dog combo packs and cat combo packs with 18% discounts along with reward points that will build your savings.


Create Your Combo and Save More


We know that you are the best person who understands your pets’ requirements. This Black Friday, we provide you with the opportunity to create your own combination of treatments that suits the needs of your fur companion. Moreover, it also lets you get a Flat 22% discount on the combo pack you create with free doses.

With huge shopping deals and discounts at CanadaVetExpress this Black Friday, don’t miss to buy and checkout saving extra and earning rewards.