Dog Safety Tips: From Halloween Decorations to Spooky Treats

Halloween Decorations

Halloween is quickly approaching, and while it is one of the most exciting holidays for people in the United States, there are numerous safety and health dangers to be aware of for your pet. We at CanadaVetExpress want your four-legged pals to be safe and well all year, but especially around the holidays, when there is so much going on. Today, we’ll provide you six Halloween safety tips to help you keep your precious fur babies safe and sound throughout this Halloween holiday.

Here Are The Top 6 Halloween Dog Safety Tips

1. Keep Candy out of Dog’s Reach

Halloween Decoration - Dog Safety Tips

While most pet parents are aware of the problems of chocolate, they may be unaware of the dangers of artificial sweeteners, which are also highly poisonous to dogs. Chocolate includes theobromine, and artificial sweeteners found in sugar-free candies contain xylitol, which can trigger a variety of symptoms in your dog. These may include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, or more severe symptoms that may result in long-term harm. Furthermore, the wrappers, as well as the Popsicle sticks included in candy apples, constitute a risk.

2. Halloween Decorations That Aren’t Too Spooky

Halloween Decoration - Dog Safety Tips

Decorating your home for Halloween is a lot of fun, but bear in mind that your dog may consider these as toys to play with. Garland, lights, and pointy decorations all offer risks to your pet, potentially causing trauma and necessitating an unexpected trip to the veterinarian. Keep decorations off the ground where they can’t be chewed on or tangled in.

3. Make a Safe Zone

Halloween Decoration - Dog Safety Tips

It’s a lot of fun to have trick-or-treaters at your door on Halloween, but this may be very stressful for your dog, especially if he’s skittish or timid. Instead of having to manage your dog every time the doorbell rings, make a safe and pleasant spot for them to hang out during trick-or-treat hours. If you’re concerned that your dog may still hear the doorbell and bark or feel frightened, it could be a good idea to sit on your porch dressed up and hand out candy as the kids come up to the door.

4. Be Wary of Burning Candles

Halloween Decoration - Dog Safety Tips

Dogs are naturally drawn to bright, flickering lights, especially in darkened settings, thus a burning candle is very appealing to a dog’s inquisitive nature. Candles are quickly knocked over by a sniffing nose, a wagging tail, or swiping paws, so don’t leave them burning when no one is in the room to tend to them. Remember that blazing candles in pumpkins will draw your curious canine, so keep them away from these decorations.

5. Take Care of Your Dog

Halloween Decoration - Dog Safety Tips

If you host or attend a party, your dog may encounter hopping bugs – Fleas – or blood sucking critters – Ticks. As a responsible dog parent, you must ensure that your pup is on a reliable flea and tick control treatments such as Nexgard, Simparica Chewable, Bravecto and heartworm preventives such as Heartgard Plus, Nexgard Spectra and Revolution.

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6. Be careful with Dog Halloween costumes

Halloween Decoration - Dog Safety Tips

When it comes to dressing up, pet parents should always follow their furry pup’s lead: First, choose a costume that appears to be comfortable, non-restrictive, and fits appropriately. Try it on, and if your pet doesn’t seem troubled by it, let them strut their stuff in their outfit! Remove it if they show signs of tension or discomfort, such as pacing, hiding, or refusing to move. (No cute photo moment is worth your pet’s misery.)

With these Halloween dog safety tips, you can make your pet’s Halloween as stress-free as possible. Those adorable paws and damp noses require our attention and care on Halloween as well!


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Halloween Decoration - Dog Safety Tips

“Happy Halloween! Stay Safe and Keep Your Pup Safe!

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