Flea Elimination Ways – 3 Best Forms Of Treatments


Oh! The fleas, those tiny perky pests! Dog’s enemies and reason for many allergies.
Fleas and dogs have been in a fight since the beginning. These parasites bite the dogs and give them allergies and various diseases. Dogs scratch, itch and get red patches on his skin because of the damn fleas. But, after the civilization and industrialization, and most importantly, advancement in technology has made many unique scientific inventions in the field of veterinarian science. Fleabites finally have prevention and various treatments. Some are spot-on, some are in collar form and the rest are oral which combines both chews and tablets.

With more advancement and research in this field, the efficacy of the treatments has improved over the years. Now, discussing about the types of treatments in detail,

  • Topical or Spot-ons: Topical or spot-on are those treatments that are applied on the top of the dog’s body where pooch can’t lick himself. It is applied in various spots starting from the back of the neck till the end of the tail. Frontline plus till date is the best and top-selling treatment in market that kills off fleas and also destroys its entire life cycle leaving no trail behind. Other treatments like advantage for dogs and activyl dogs are also some of the best flea and tick prevention.
  • Oral: Oral treatment consists of both tablets and chews, Chews are latest in the market of pet supplies. Tablets are like human tablets, which need to be administered properly to the doggy. If he is not able to swallow the tablet as a whole, you can mix it by either crushing it or mixing with the feed or by mixing as a whole and giving to the pooch to gulp it at once. You just need to be more careful and ensure that the furry pal consumes the food in which you mix the treatment properly and fully. Tablets like Capstar are an excellent one for the pooch.
    On the other hand, chews are like treats that can be chewed and swallowed by the dogs. Nexgard chewables for dogs are the perfect example for chews that eliminates the fleas on dogs
  • Collar: Collars as the name speaks for itself are normal collars uniquely designed with chemicals that repels fleas and kills them all. It is a long-lasting protection for pets that is both safe and amazing. Bayopet collar, Seresto collar and Scalibor collar are the perfect examples of the best-working collars.

Other than these mentioned treatments, various other forms are available like powders and sprays. These are equally effective and efficient working products and are used by many dog-parents. Ultrum products like Ultrum flea and tick powder and Ultrum ultimate flea spray sets an example that not just topical and oral but various convenient ways are also available in the market to treat fleas and prevent its infestations.