How To Give Your Cat A Worming Pill?

There is something strange in a feline’s personality that differentiates her from other pet breeds. The eyes, the careful movements, etc all bear the hallmark of a cat. Their strange and spontaneous reactions to events they come across make their caretakers bewildered at times.

Administering a worming pill to a feline can also invite a sudden reaction, which can put any pet parent in a standstill mode. However, for the sake of your cat’s overall well-being, you will be required to put her on regular doses of worming pills.

The activity is important, given the fact that worms pose an existential threat to the well-being of your little cat. Cat worming, thus an important part of a cat owner’s job.

The different ways to administer cat-worming tablets are as follows-

Hiding Tablet in Cat’s Food

Before opting for this method, consult your vet regarding this. Some medications are effective only when given on an empty stomach. Otherwise, the simplest way to pass any drug through your cat’s stomach is to mix the tablet with the content of your cat’s food. Pet parents, find this method to be easy because, of its non-forcible nature.

For easy implementation, make your cat devoid of food for some time. This will do the trick for you as she longs for food and takes the medicine with the food at the same time. Clarify with your vet, if the tablets are to be crushed or, not.

However, do make sure that, the tablets are well- mixed up in the food. Let, the pills are given with the food considering the taste of your, feline.

Use Of Gentle Physical Force

This means using your hands for restraining your cat and making her open her mouth. To begin this exercise, gently hold your cat in a towel, wrapped all around her body, thus limiting her leg’s movements. Now, after being done with the restraining part, hide the tablet in your hand and make your cat open her mouth. Pass the tablet into her mouth, and hold her jaws for few moments, for swallowing process. Once done with the activity, offer your feline a bowl full of water or soup for safe passage of medicine in your cat’s anatomy.

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Pill Giver

A pill giver is a syringe-like an object, which grabs the pill in its lower end. It has carved a niche among many pet owners, who find little difficult to put their fingers in a cat’s mouth. If you are one of them, then such a mechanism can help you in administering a tablet to your cat’s mouth safely and easily.

The above three methods are the major and simpler ways to administer a tablet to your feline. Keep in mind the basics when performing this exercise. For instance, use minimum physical force if hands are in action. You cannot allow this exercise to be a nightmare for your feline friend. It should be a positive experience for her. Bless her with treats after completing the drill. Talk to your vet to ensure such exercises a more positive experience for her in near future.