National Cat Day: Making Your Home Cat Friendly

National Cat Day refers to the celebration which is organized on the 29th of October annually with the desire of bringing some much-needed awareness into the plight of homeless cats encouraging all human beings to contribute as much as possible towards making their neighboring environment as safe and cat-friendly as possible. Every cat lover enjoys the desire to make his/her house as cat-friendly as possible in order to provide for every need and requirement of their furry munchkins. Cats are extremely efficient animals and demand cleanliness all around going to extra-ordinary extents for keeping their bodies clean. However, taking steps towards making your home cat-friendly is not always possible for working individuals who barely find it possible to have regular meals on time due to deadlines and find themselves engrossed in work even during holidays and weekends.
However, one can certainly take a step in the right direction on National Cat day 2018 by taking concrete measures towards ensuring a perfectly cat-friendly environment. Here are some of the measures which can be undertaken on National Cat day in this regard:

Ensure an Airy, Well-Ventilated Room:

Cats love breathing in the fresh air and cannot stand any bad odor in the nearby environment at any cost. Constant exposure to an atmosphere where cats do not enjoy a proper exchange of air can prove to be fatal in many cases as well. Bearing this in mind, one is always advised to ensure a well-ventilated, airy room for your furry munchkin as much as possible for ensuring his/her happiness at every stage.

Placing the Scratching Post based on your cats convenience and desires rather than your own:

A scratching post is of great importance to your four-legged companion and can play a huge role in making your cat comfortable or distressed in a particular environment. A very clear indication of your cat’s preferences for scratching would be his usual behavioral patterns. If your cat continuously walks down to the nearby cupboard and scratches himself, then it would be the perfect location for a scratching post. A good scratching post can prove to be of invaluable relief to a cat intent on scratching his/her back muscles or even removing the outer nail sheath which makes it necessary to place the post in an easily visible area.

Create a Vertical Space:

Cats love jumping on to great heights and challenging themselves to reach structures like tree houses and shelves which seems quite logical considering their family ties to Tigers who love jumping themselves. A tall vertical space can result in quality exercise for your feline, which many cats yearn for on a regular basis. One is encouraged to create an interesting, creative cat shelf which is well-designed in nature in order to develop a sense of intrigue and happiness in the mind of the cat. At the same time, one can also create a comfortable cat tree which if designed effectively from a reasonable height can prove to be of invaluable happiness to your furry-munchkin.

Ensure a Clean, Non-Smelly atmosphere at any cost:

Cat lovers should ensure that the litter box is cleaned out at regular intervals in a proper form so that the cat can feel comfortable about living in a clean environment. Cats forced to excrete, urinate in a dirty, unkempt environment are much more likely to aggression and anxiety attacks because of irritation and lack of satisfaction while being forced to survive in dirty surroundings.
Cats simply desire a clean and healthy lifestyle for themselves in exchange for their invaluable love and attention. Undertaking these steps can certainly play a major role in ensuring your cat’s happiness at every stage.