Pet Adoption – The Best Way to Serve the Society

Pet-adoptionWelcome dear all to the official blog of This is our first blog post and we chose this topic to bring in more awareness towards animal welfare. We aim to bring in more topics on animal wellbeing and sort out dilemmas of pet parenting. Our upcoming posts will throw more light on pet parenting, flea and tick treatments, pet health & wellness and pet care in general. Keep reading our blog and give us your suggestions about how to improve it.

One of the best ways to serve society is to adopt a pet. With nearly 6 to 8 million pets spending their lives in shelter homes, adoption is an ideal way through which we contribute to the society. This goodwill gesture earns us a loving soul and saves one life that may get euthanized. The sad story of abandoned or stray cats and dogs is that they keep waiting in animal shelters to get a loving family. Many of them end up losing their life just because most of us prefer newborn puppy from a pet shop. Read more about Pet Adoption – The Best Way to Serve the Society