Top 20 Benefits of Cat & Dog Massage Therapy

Benefits of Cat and Dog MassageWith the health care industry exploring the new world of massage therapy for humans, animal experts have also found the same benefits of the massage therapy in pets. With the technique induced in the animal holistic care, most animal experts and veterinarians are finding that pet massage therapy is really a boon for canines and felines.

It’s painful to find your pet suffering from chronic disease or having anxiety problem. Most of the time, pet parents look for medications to treat physical and mental illnesses. However, pet owners who are more attached to holistic health care would always look for the non-medicated treatment for their four-legged companions. Cat / dog massage therapy is fast taking up the track in pet health care due to its innumerable benefits.

Churning out some of the top benefits that your pet can gain through pet massage therapy, we have brought this blog for you.

Benefits of dog and cat massage

  1. Relaxes body and promotes toxin release
  2. It enhances pet’s body ability to remove metabolic waste
  3. Increases supply of oxygen to the cells
  4. Improves range of motion and flexibility
  5. It revs up blood and lymph circulation.
  6. Body massage releases body’s own endorphins, which are natural relaxants and painkillers.
  7. It helps to recover faster from an injury.
  8. Helps to boost the recovery process after a medical procedure
  9. Massage therapy speeds the essential nutrients intake to cells and tissues
  10. Pet massage helps to fight against aging disease such as arthritis
  11. Helps canines and felines suffering from muscle spasms and soreness to be relieved from pain
  12. It addresses the whole body system, making it work better
  13. Pet massage promotes touch and bonding
  14. It helps to keep the musculo-skeletal system in the best condition.
  15. The therapy increases rejuvenation
  16. It enhances athletic performance and recovery.
  17. Massage helps to prevent muscle and bone injuries
  18. It increases the comfort levels of geriatric animals.
  19. Most helpful to senior dogs and cats, who develop variety of health issues due to aging process.
  20. Pet massage therapy promotes the overall well-being.

Bonus Tip:

Dog and cat massage helps pets to fight behavioral problems and regain their mental health.

Researchers also claim that putting your pet on nutritional supplements and balanced diet along with pet massage therapy invariably boosts their overall well-being. If you find that your pet is undergoing any strain in muscles or feeling low most of the times, a good dog or cat massage for your canine or feline would surely help improve their condition.