Top SEVEN Ways to Help Shelter Homes During Coronavirus Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic bringing in the uncertainty around us has unmasked the new sources of needs and thrown some light on the things that already existed. During these unprecedented times, many people and organizations are suddenly having a novel or increased need for funds or anything you can offer to local food banks, small businesses, or your own neighbors. Moreover, among all animals, shelters are no exceptions while dealing with their own struggles.


Though things are slowly recovering, suffering still prevails due to the lack of basic needs. However, as little as you can contribute, here are a few things that you can actively carry on in order to help the animals in your neighborhood and across the country.


Donate Money

Generally, rescue shelters depend on donations to carry on their operations. However, the current pandemic has an impact as most self-fundraising efforts like corporate events, charity shows, and festivals have been canceled. Additionally, many people are losing jobs, which have also cut down the ratio of individual donations. Thus, it means shelter homes are sort of left out as they fall out of the realm. However, whatever small contribution you can make, it would always be helpful for shelter homes.


Donate Your Skills

Your special skill sets can be of great help to shelter homes. Usually, shelter homes require support from professionals who can help them propagate the essence of shelter homes through promotions, social media, and other channels. And, if you are a PRO in some special category like photography or social media marketing expert, you can help them invariably. Taking photos or making videos can be of great help in filling the gap between animals and adopters. Your skillset can support animals to find their SWEET HOME.


Donate Your Time And Energy

You can always find a way to shower your love for the animals in shelter homes by being a volunteer. An extra helping hand is always appreciated at any rescue or shelter homes. Volunteer to spend time with animals at shelter homes as there are always dogs to be walked, cats to be cuddled and played with, litter boxes and crates to be cleaned, and the other ongoing things. Volunteering is not only an incredible gift for animals but also for the members of the shelter homes. No doubt, by donating your time to these animals, you will build strong relationships with them and you can see what difference your spare time makes in the lives of these animals.


Donate Household Items

You can donate daily essentials to shelter homes that may add value to the animals’ lives staying at shelter homes. Donating household items can be anything from

  • Towels
  • Chains
  • Leashes
  • Toys
  • Brushes
  • Beds
  • Crates
  • Litter boxes
  • Food & dishes
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Newspapers


These are the most common items that they are usually required for the animals in shelter homes.


Donate Pet Supplies

Animals in shelter homes need to be well-groomed to look fabulous and stay healthy for their potential adopters. Grooming items like shampoos, conditioners, brushes, and other grooming items are all vital necessities in shelter homes. Moreover, to keep them healthy and free from the common parasitic infestations, flea and tick treatments and preventives, heartwormers and joint care supplements are quite essential. Moreover, if you are new to this and looking to buy pet supplies at the lowest price online, a reliable online pet supplies store – CanadaVetExpress can be your best bet as it not only offers branded products at the lowest prices but also provides FREE SHIPPING as an added advantage. And amazingly, it always offers huge discounts when it comes to bulk buys or combo packs. Such deals help you donate more while costing less – a favorable option for you and shelter homes.


Donate Pet Food and Formula

Obviously, as no one can go bed empty stomach, the same thing applies to animals at shelter homes. Pet food is a daily requirement and most shelter homes money goes into it. Therefore, you can donate a few bags of food or formula milk so that those waiting to be adopted don’t go hungry. Reach out to shelter homes and find out their specific requirement for food. Arrange for the brands and treats that the animals living there like.


Be a Foster Parent

Shelter homes always look for foster homes and foster parents. If you’ve time and space in your home, you can consider keeping a homeless dog into your home until the animal finds a permanent home.


Foster homes are the backbone of many animal shelter homes and rescue communities; apparently, without a strong network and support of foster homes, rescue centers would not be able to take in as many animals. Undoubtedly, foster homes can become the brand adoption ambassadors to family, friends, and other acquaintances who otherwise may not visit to shelter homes.