Velcro Dog Syndrome: Causes and Ways To Overcome It

Have you ever noticed your furry canine sticking to you all the time and follow you wherever you go? Well, while this may look very adorable and cute, this particular behaviour by your beloved canine can be due to a syndrome which is known as the Velcro Dog Syndrome. And dogs that have this syndrome are called Velcro dogs. More about that, its causes as well as how to overcome this; have all been mentioned below.

Who Is A Velcro Dog?

A Velcro dog is just what it sounds like. They stick to you like Velcro and follow you wherever you go. These kinds of dogs simply love being next to their pet parents all the time and are also known as clingy dogs. It may seem to be a good thing that your pal loves to stick to you 24 into 7, but this is certainly not a good sign. Dogs that are clingy lack confidence, and when confronted with other pets or humans, may find the situation very uncomfortable.

What Causes Velcro Dog Syndrome?

Some dog breeds such as lap dogs are highly likely to be Velcro dogs because such dogs are bred in that way. They are bred to be dependent and stick alongside their pet parents all the time. On the other hand, other dog breeds develop this syndrome due to various causes. Let us look at the common causes that lead dogs to become velcro dogs.

Boredom and Lack of Mental StimulationDogs are restless, and they always need something to do, else they get bored. Lack of mental and physical exercises can also lead to boredom. With nothing else to do, your fur buddy will follow you wherever you go, and over time, this might become a habit. And before you know it, your buddy becomes a Velcro dog.

Bred To Be Dependent Dogs like working dogs and herding dogs are taught to work side by side with their human counterparts. These dogs rely heavily on humans for directions and guidance. And over time, they become clingy and dependent on humans.

Changes in Surroundings and Atmosphere Moving from one house to another can cause stress in dogs. Changes in surroundings and the atmosphere can make dogs uncomfortable, and they feel the only way out for them is to stick beside their pet parent. This then slowly and gradually develops into them becoming clingy. Thus, to relieve them from all their stressful issues, products like Travel Anxiety and Anxiety TFLN  can be opted for them.

Health Concerns When dogs fall sick, they find comfort only when they are beside their pet parent. They tend to stick to you as a coping mechanism, because what else can they do other than finding solace in their pet parent. This also leads to dogs becoming Velcro dogs.

Separation Anxiety Many dogs have a strong attachment to their human friend, and when they’re out of sight, they tend to suffer from separation anxiety. And most of the dogs that suffer from separation anxiety are also Velcro dogs.

Vision and/or Hearing Impairment Older dogs that have vision and hearing problems tend to be scared and stressed. Such dogs prefer staying by their pet parents’ side for extra comfort and warmth. Vision and hearing impairment also causes dogs to become Velcro dogs.



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How to Overcome Velcro Dog Syndrome?

There are quite a few ways to overcome or avoid raising a Velcro dog in your home. Some of them have been jotted down below.

Get Him His Favourite Toy Dogs become Velcro dogs when they get bored and have nothing to do. Purchasing your pal his favourite toy can help you keep him busy for most parts of the day. This can help him overcome his clinginess, but it may take time for some dogs, so be patient.

Find the Right Balance Too much of everything is not good, even love. Finding the right balance is essential to prevent and overcome clinginess in a Velcro dog. Thus, when your dog follows you around, let him for a few minutes. If he continues, turn around and teach him to stop. He will soon understand that following you all the time isn’t the best thing to do.

Sometimes It Is Good To Say No At times, it is hard to say no, but sometimes that is all you could do to help someone out. Similarly, saying no to your Velcro dog can be hard, but you have to do it for his own betterment. Cut down on things like sleeping with him, allowing him to follow you, etc. This might take some time for your pal to get used to it, but he will eventually get there.

Have Hope And Be Consistent And lastly, be consistent. Some dogs may take months to overcome the Velcro dog syndrome, so don’t give up hope and keep trying. Be consistent in what you are doing, and slowly but surely your clingy dog will get used to you not being around him all the time.

If you believe your canine friend is a Velcro or clingy dog, make sure you implement the above tips. It may not be a serious syndrome at first, but it can develop into one. So, be on the lookout!