3 Easy Ways to Celebrate National Pet Day with Your Pet.


National Pet Day is observed on April 11 of every year. It is started by Colleen Paige, an animal lover- in 2006 to celebrate and cherish the importance of pets in our lives and the joy they bring to our families. The day is also marked to look into the plight of homeless or shelter animals waiting for someone to provide them their permanent home.

As a pet parent, National Pet Day comes as a special occasion for you to shower extra love on your furry pal and deepen the connection which you and your furry companion shares.

Here are few hints to observe this special occasion and strengthen your bond with your lovable companion.

 What About A Feast Ceremony?

Food is the center point of every celebration. To make this day special for your pet, reserve a seat in a pet-friendly restaurant. Your pet will love enjoying the meal in the company of yours and his friends seated around him in the restaurant.

However, if you find this idea too boring, plan a feast at your home or conduct a feast ceremony for pets in your neighborhood with other pet parents. But, make sure that pets are given healthy treats to eat.

Play A Game With Your Pet

This National Pet Day, take out some time to play a game with your pet. It can be hide and seek or anything which you and your pet enjoying playing. Involve treats in the game to make it more interesting and funny.

A simple game like hide and seek will help you understand your pet’s behavior and bring your furry pet more close to you.

Sleep With Your Pet This National Pet Day

While many families allow their pets to sleep with them, some have their own views on this. Pets love to sleep with their pet parents. They often sleep next to you while you are in your sleep and leave you in the surprise in the middle of the night.

However, the question of sleeping with your dog or cat entirely lies on you. If you have not tried this, why not give your pet a chance to sleep on the same bed with you on this National Pet Day.

The idea behind celebrating National Pet Day is to spread awareness about making this world a more pet- friendly world. Canada Vet Express, with its products and services is striving to work in this direction only. To you as our esteemed pet lover, we wish you and your pet lots of happiness and health ahead of this National Pet Day 2018.